Does GoDaddy Provide SMTP Service?

Does GoDaddy provide SMTP service? An SMTP server is a computer that you can connect to in order to send email from your account. If you have email through GoDaddy, you can connect to a GoDaddy SMTP server through your computer or phone to send email from that account. Read more on One of … Read more

Choosing the Right Email for Your Business

What type of email should I have for my business? Here are some ideas for essential generic email addresses. hello@, howdy@, hi@ or info@ for general inquiries or customer service. billing@ for billing and payments. support@ for your helpdesk or customer service. admin@ for technical administrative purposes. Read more on In order to project … Read more

Does GoDaddy Offer Free Email Alias?

Does GoDaddy offer free email alias? Recently I went into the rats nest that is GoDaddy’s dashboard to setup a free email forwarding address for a side project. Here is how to do this in the 2019 version of GoDaddy’s dashboard and Gmail. Read more on GoDaddy is a web host that provides a … Read more

Click to Mail: An Overview

What is click to mail? is an online, on-demand, SaaS print-to-mail service for sending postal mail. Use our system to create letter mail, postcards, self-mailers and more for commercial-grade, secure next-day production and posting. Read more on Users of the Click to Mail service can send physical mail straight from their computer or … Read more