Can You Sue in Both Contract and Tort?

Can you sue in both contract and tort? There can be an overlap between contract and tort law. Where, for example, a service is provided and the customer is caused loss as a result of the negligent provision of the service, there may be a claim arising both for negligence and breach of contract. Read … Read more

The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Law: Understanding Your Rights

What is the Colorado anti-discrimination law? Overview of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act. The Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee in light of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin or ancestry. Read more on A serious problem that impacts many people in the … Read more

Can You Sue a Video Game Company?

Can I sue a video game company? Yes, under certain circumstances. You may have a dispute relating to the purchase or use of a game, such as a bad install or a problem with in-game gameplay. Read more on Millions of people play their favorite video games for hours on end, making them a … Read more

How to Obtain an Entertainment License in Florida

How do I get my entertainment license in Florida? When applying for a license, each applicant must bring with them valid government issued identification, a complete FDLE Criminal History background check, the complete 2-page application, and $50 cash for the application fee. Read more on An entertainment license is required in Florida if you … Read more

Does CA Require an LLC Operating Agreement?

Does CA require an LLC Operating Agreement? In California, yes. For one, having an LLC Operating Agreement is legally required in California, even for single-member LLCs. Read more on If you’re thinking about forming a limited liability corporation (LLC) in California, you might be asking if an operating agreement is necessary. A legal document … Read more

Becoming a Registered Agent in Rhode Island: Everything You Need to Know

You might be interested in learning more about Rhode Island’s regulations for registered agents if you’re intending to launch a business there. Like all states, Rhode Island mandates that companies have a registered agent on file to receive legal process. A registered agent is a person or organization chosen to accept legal documents and other … Read more

Can You Sue a Game Company for Not Banning Cheaters?

Can you sue a game company for not banning cheaters? Yes you can sue someone for almost anything. Read more on Online gaming has gained popularity, yet cheating is becoming a significant problem for the gaming business. Cheating can prevent honest gamers from having a fair gaming experience and even lower player engagement. As … Read more

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

Can I be my own registered agent in Pennsylvania? Can I Be My Own Registered Agent In Pennsylvania? Yes, any owner or employee of a business can be its registered agent in Pennsylvania as long as they are over the age of 18, and have a street address in Pennsylvania. Though many businesses prefer to … Read more

Does Texas Have a Romeo and Juliet Law?

Does Texas have a Romeo and Juliet law? Essentially, the Texas Romeo and Juliet law exempts teenagers and young adults who engage in sexual relations with teens under the age of consent from being classified as sex offenders. The accusation of having sexual relations with a minor is a serious matter. Your rights, future, and … Read more

Which States Require Registered Agents?

Which states require registered agents? Every U.S. state, with the exception of New York, requires all corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) to have a registered agent. A registered agent may be called different names in different states, such as a resident agent, a statutory agent, or an agent for service of process. Read more … Read more