How Much Should I Charge for Editing a Document? A Comprehensive Guide

How much should I charge for editing a document? Average freelance editing rates Type of work Price per word Price per hour Content / Developmental Editing $0.024 $40-$60/hour Copy Editing $0.017 $30-$50/hour Proofreading $0.012 $20-$40/hour Copy Editing + Proofreading $0.019 $35-$55/hour 1 more row ? Read more on The writing process is not complete … Read more

The Importance of a Recording Studio

Why is a recording studio important? Professional recording studios are made soundproof for a reason. An acoustically treated room significantly reduces fluctuations in sound and allows you to hear clearly during playback. A home studio suits best only when you could get your hands on what’s-new-in-the-market. Read more on Recording studios are regarded as … Read more

Robotics: A Good Investment?

Is robotics a good investment? Invest in robotics for the long term. Bear in mind that robotics is a long-term trend, and investing in stocks in this space will require patience. But potential investment gains could be sizable for those companies making the best use of robotics technology. Read more on Robotics is a … Read more

Scoring Points in Laser Tag: Tips and Tricks

How do you score points in laser tag? 10 Tips to Win at Laser Tag What to wear. The ultimate colour to wear to play laser tag is neon. Learn the layout. You don’t want to be that guy that stays in the corner the entire game. Keeping shooting. Don’t forget to move. Don’t abuse … Read more

Ohio State Tax Rate 2021: Everything You Need to Know

What is Ohio State tax rate 2021? 3.99% The 2021 state income tax rates range from 2.765% to 3.99%, and the sales tax rate is 5.75%. Ohio state offers tax deductions and credits to reduce your tax liability, including a personal exemption, credits for 529 contributions and more. Read more on Many individuals are … Read more

Surveying: A Promising Trade

Is surveying a good trade? Land surveying is a rewarding career. Many people are drawn to this career because it offers a much-sought-after benefit: the ability to work outside at a high-level job that isn’t labor-intensive. After all, not everyone enjoys being cooped up in an office all day. Read more on In the … Read more

Can You Make an LLC for Crypto Trading?

Can you make an LLC for crypto trading? A crypto mining business that is structured as an LLC has liability protection, can write-off business expenses, and can save money on self-employment taxes. Other cryptocurrency professionals can save money on taxes by forming an LLC. Read more on New business opportunities have emerged as a … Read more

Car Washes in LA: How Much Do They Make?

How much do car washes make in LA? The average salary for a car wash attendant is $16.25 per hour in Los Angeles, CA. Read more on Los Angeles is home to a large number of car wash establishments, so seeing one is not unusual. With an estimated $1.8 billion in yearly sales, the … Read more

NH Business Profits Tax: An Overview

What is NH business profits tax? The Business Profits Tax (“”BPT””) was enacted in 1970. The tax is assessed on income from conducting business activity within the state at the rate of 7.7% for taxable periods ending on or after. Read more on Like the majority of US states, New Hampshire levies taxes on … Read more