Does GoDaddy Offer Free Email Alias?

Does GoDaddy offer free email alias?
Recently I went into the rats nest that is GoDaddy’s dashboard to setup a free email forwarding address for a side project. Here is how to do this in the 2019 version of GoDaddy’s dashboard and Gmail.

GoDaddy is a web host that provides a variety of services to its clients. Email hosting is one of the services it provides. Businesses and individuals can have their own email domain names thanks to email hosting. As a result, they are permitted to use email addresses that end in their domain name, such as [email protected]. GoDaddy also provides email aliases, which are email addresses that can be used to forward emails to different email addresses.

What do GoDaddy’s email aliases mean?

A second email account that can be used to forward emails to another email address is known as an email alias. You might, for instance, want to receive emails sent to [email protected] in addition to emails sent to [email protected]. You may do this by setting up an email alias for [email protected], which will route any emails sent to it to your primary email address.

How Can I Manage My Email Aliases on GoDaddy? It’s simple to manage email aliases with GoDaddy. Your account dashboard is where you may add, change, or remove email aliases. Log into your GoDaddy account, select the Email & Office tab, click Manage, and then select Manage Email Aliases to add an email alias. By selecting the Add Alias button from this point, you can add a new email alias.

How Can I Receive Free Email From GoDaddy? Workspace Email, a free email service provided by GoDaddy. A free email address that terminates in the GoDaddy domain is provided with this service. However, the functions and storage available with this email service are constrained. You must switch to one of GoDaddy’s paid email hosting plans if you want your own domain name and extra storage.

Does GoDaddy Email Still Exist?

No, GoDaddy email will not be discontinued. In reality, GoDaddy regularly improves its email hosting service to give its clients improved features and speed. To acquire more storage and functionality, you might wish to upgrade to a paid email hosting plan if you are currently utilizing GoDaddy’s free email service.

In conclusion, GoDaddy includes email alias in its email hosting service, and account dashboard management makes it simple to manage them. Although GoDaddy does provide a free email account, it has few features and little storage. But GoDaddy email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and its email hosting options provide more functionality and storage.

How do I create an email alias?

You may often create an email alias using the settings or preferences of your email provider. Depending on the email service you use, the particular steps could change. However, in most cases, you can add a new email address to your account in the “Alias” or “Aliases” area. Before using the new alias email address, you might need to confirm it.