Is Barista a Job Title?

Is barista a job title? A Barista, or Coffee Bar Attendant, is responsible for preparing and serving coffee and other beverages to customers in a coffee house or cafe. Their duties include working with other Baristas to help take orders, make drinks and provide timely service to customers. Read more on Barista is a … Read more

Can You Be a CEO of a Holding Company?

Can you be a CEO of a holding company? Holding companies still have a CEO, though, as well as a board of directors, to help make decisions on managing current investments/companies and whether or not to invest in new ones. Read more on A commercial entity that owns one or more subsidiary firms is … Read more

Portable Contents Insurance: What it is and Why You Need it

What is portable contents insurance? Portable contents insurance, also known as personal effects insurance, can provide a level of financial cover for personal items that regularly leave your address with you such as handbags, laptops, musical instruments, sporting equipment, or items on you such as spectacles, jewellery or clothing. Read more on Portable contents … Read more

Registering an Assumed Business Name in Montana

How do I register an assumed business name in Montana? Register Your Montana DBA. Your Montana assumed business name can be filed online with the Secretary of State’s ePass website. The form includes the following information: Business description. Applicant type (LLC, sole proprietorship, corporation, etc.) Read more on A trade name, also known as … Read more

Do Goats Need Heat in the Winter?

Do goats need heat in the winter? Goats kidding in the cold weather will require more shelter because young kids will not be able to maintain their body temperature outside. A heat lamp may be required in these situations but should only be used with extreme caution because of the risk of barn fires or … Read more

Understanding the Hierarchy in an LLC

What is the hierarchy in an LLC? There are two primary corporate hierarchy titles that come with an LLC: Members and Managers. Ownership in an LLC is represented by membership and an owner is titled a ‘Member’. There can be an unlimited number of members in an LLC hierarchy. Read more on A common … Read more

Japanese Boy Name that Means Healer: Riki

In Japan, names frequently reflect the traits or attributes that parents want their children to have. Names also have significant meanings. Riki is a common Japanese boy name that means healer. Its origins are in the Japanese word “rikiteki,” which meaning “strong and powerful.” Because of the strength and power required to heal both physically … Read more

Creating Your Own Dog Breed: Is It Possible?

Can you make your own dog breed? Generally, anyone can create a new dog breed with just a few dogs. The end goal for any dog breeder is to breed absolutely true, which results in less room for error and more control over the overall production. It takes three generations of breeding true in order … Read more