Is it OK to Wash Car in Garage?

Is it OK to wash car in garage? You can wash your car inside your garage safely if you avoid using high-pressure water tools such as hose attachments. The most effective car wash is the two-bucket car wash. You’ll need: A bucket for soapy water. Read more on Many automobile owners prefer to wash … Read more

How Often Should You Wash Salt Off Your Car?

How often should you wash salt off your car? every 10 days Be sure to wash the salt off your vehicle frequently, ideally, every 10 days, making sure to clean the undercarriage to protect vital suspension and braking components. Read more on Salt, sand, and other debris might be left on your car’s exterior … Read more

How Often Should You Detail a Car?

How often should you detail a car? How Often Should You Detail Your Auto? For the average vehicle, detailing at the very least, once a year is recommended. Most auto experts recommend getting a car detailed at least every 6 months. It is always wise to get your car detailed before selling. Read more on … Read more