Why Would I Get a Letter from Louisiana Department of Revenue?

Why would I get a letter from Louisiana Department of Revenue?
When a state department of revenue sends you a letter, it usually is to start a dialogue about proposed changes to your state return. You won’t owe any tax to the state until you agree with the proposed changes.
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It is usual for the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) to send a letter to taxpayers or business owners in Louisiana. The department is in charge of gathering state taxes and making sure that taxpayers abide by Louisiana tax regulations.

You may get a letter from LDR for a number of reasons. A request for more details about your tax return is one of the most frequent causes. To validate your income, deductions, or credits, the department may require more information. If your tax return has been chosen for inspection, the letter may in some situations be a notice of a tax audit.

Notification of delinquent taxes is another reason you can get a letter from LDR. LDR will issue a demand for payment if you owe the state taxes. It is crucial to respond to these notices right away because failing to do so could result in fines and interest.

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