Trademarking a name in South Carolina is an important step for any business or individual looking to protect their brand and prevent others from using their name or logo without permission. However, the cost of trademarking a name in South Carolina can vary depending on a number of factors.

How much does it cost to trademark a name in South Carolina?
Check whether the Trademark/Service Mark Application is “”New”” or a “”Renewal.”” New – If you are submitting a trademark or service mark application for a new mark, check “”New.”” The fee for registering a new mark is $15.00 per class (for example, if you are submitting an application for a mark in three classes, the fee

Depending on the type of trademark and the number of classes of goods or services you want to protect, South Carolina trademarking a name normally costs between $225 and $400. An application for a trademark costs $225 for one class of products or services and $100 for each subsequent class. The fact that these payments are non-refundable, even if your application is rejected, should also be noted.

You must first make sure that your selected name or emblem is not currently being used by another company before you can trademark a company in South Carolina. To search for already registered trademarks, use the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) of the USPTO. To carry out a more thorough search and offer help throughout the trademark application process, you can alternatively employ a trademark lawyer.

The USPTO’s online filing system can be used to submit the application yourself for the least expensive method of trademarking a name. Due to the lengthy and complicated trademark application process, this solution might not be the ideal one for everyone. Working with a trademark lawyer can help you to make sure that your application is completed and submitted correctly, improving your chances of success.

After being registered with the USPTO, a trademark is valid for ten years. However, as long as you keep using it in commerce and submit the required renewal paperwork to the USPTO, you can renew your trademark indefinitely.

In conclusion, every company or person wishing to protect their brand should take the crucial step of trademarking a name in South Carolina. While there are a lot of variables that might affect the cost of trademarking a name, working with a trademark lawyer can help you make sure that your application is well-prepared and submitted, improving your chances of a favorable result. To retain your protection, keep in mind to do a comprehensive search before submitting a trademark application and to renew it every 10 years.

Regarding this, can two businesses have the same name?

In South Carolina, it is legal for two companies to share the same name as long as they are not in the same field and do not mislead customers. To avoid any potential legal concerns and to safeguard the brand, it is normally advised to select an original and distinct name. By registering a name as a trademark, you can have more security and stop unauthorized people from using it.

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