How to Register a Trade Name in North Dakota?

How do I register a trade name in North Dakota?
In North Dakota, you must register your DBA with the Secretary of State. You can register a trade name online at North Dakota’s First Stop website or you can complete the trade name registration form and file it by mail or fax.

A trade name, commonly referred to as a “doing business as” (DBA) name, should be registered if you’re opening a business in North Dakota. Your legal name, the name of your corporation or LLC, or another name you use for commercial purposes is not your trade name. By registering a trade name, you may build your company’s identity and prevent unauthorized usage of your name.

You must adhere to a few straightforward steps in order to register a trade name in North Dakota:

1. Pick a Name: Picking a name for your trade name is the first step. If the name you seek is already in use, you can check the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website. If not, you are free to utilize it.

2. Register a trade name: Once you have a name, you must register a trade name with the Secretary of State of North Dakota. Online or mail-in filing is an option. In North Dakota, registering a trade name costs $25.

3. Publication: Following the submission of your registration, you must publish a notice of your trade name in the county where your business is located. For three weeks straight, the notice must be published once a week. The Secretary of State must receive an affidavit of publication.

4. Renewal: In North Dakota, trade names are legitimate for five years. By submitting a renewal application and the $25 renewal fee, you can extend the validity of your trade name registration.

What is the price of a DBA in North Dakota?

As previously stated, North Dakota charges $25 to register a trade name. The Secretary of State of North Dakota must receive payment for this fee. The answer is yes; in North Dakota, you are permitted to use your name as a trade name. However, you might need to pick a new name if yours is already being used by another company. How do I modify my company name in North Dakota?

You must submit an update to your articles of incorporation or articles of organization if you wish to change the name of your firm in North Dakota. Online or mail-in filing is an option. An amendment must be filed for a $20 charge.

What does a registered agent do in North Dakota? A person or company designated to receive legal documents on behalf of a corporation or LLC is known as a registered agent in North Dakota. The registered agent must be readily accessible during regular business hours and have a physical address in North Dakota. The name and address of the registered agent must appear in the articles of incorporation or articles of organization.

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