North Dakota Sales Tax: What You Need to Know

Does North Dakota have a sales tax?
State Sales Tax ? The North Dakota sales tax rate is 5% for most retail sales.

You might be asking if North Dakota has a sales tax if you want to shop there or conduct business there. Yes, there is a sales tax in North Dakota.

The state sales tax is 5% as of 2021. Cities, counties, and other local governments, however, may tack on their own sales tax, which varies from location to location. Depending on the area, the total sales tax rate in some situations can reach 8.5%.

North Dakota also has a property tax, however it is not necessarily substantial in comparison to other states’ property taxes. North Dakota has the 26th-highest effective property tax rate in the nation, at 1.04%, according to Tax Foundation data. In North Dakota, this translates to annual property tax payments of around 1.04% of the value of the property.

You might be surprised to hear that the state with the highest sales tax isn’t actually North Dakota if you’re looking for it. California has the highest state-level sales tax rate, at 7.25%, according to the Tax Foundation. When municipal sales tax rates are taken into account, some cities in Tennessee and Louisiana have total rates that are higher.

The current Edina, Minnesota sales tax rate is 7.525%. This includes both the 6.875% state sales tax and the 0.65% local tax. Remember that sales tax rates are subject to change, so it is wise to confirm the most recent rate before making any purchases.

Last but not least, you might think about shopping in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon if you’re seeking for the state with the lowest sales tax. While some local governments may still levy their own taxes, these states do not have a statewide sales tax.

In conclusion, the state of North Dakota does impose a sales tax, albeit the exact amount depends on your location. Property tax is also levied in the state, albeit it’s not generally substantial in comparison to other states. California has the highest sales tax rate at the state level, but some localities in Tennessee and Louisiana have the highest rates combined. If you’re looking for a state with the lowest sales tax, you might want to check at Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon. Edina, Minnesota currently has a sales tax rate of 7.525%.

Is there sales tax on furniture in ND?

In North Dakota, there is a sales tax applicable on furniture. North Dakota currently levies a 5% sales tax on the majority of retail transactions of tangible personal goods, including furniture. It’s always a good idea to check with the North Dakota Tax Commissioner’s office or speak with a tax expert for specific advice on your unique circumstances as there are several exemptions and special regulations that may apply.