Changing Domain Name to IP Address: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I change my domain name to an IP address?
How to Redirect a New IP to a Domain in cPanel Enter the new IP address and a subnet mask. Click the Change IP Address button, and then select the IP we just added from the drop-down menu. Changing the site’s IP will make it unavailable at its old IP, and should expect it to appear offline for some time.

You might try utilizing a website’s IP address if you are trying to access it but are having trouble connecting to its domain name. Each internet-connected item, including websites, is given an IP address, which is a numerical label. The following describes how to convert a domain name to an IP address:

Step 1: Launch the Command Prompt By clicking the Windows key + R, entering “cmd” in the Run dialog box, and pressing Enter on a Windows machine, you can launch Command Prompt. You can launch Terminal on a Mac by looking it up in Spotlight.

Step 2: Enter the Domain Name and “ping” Enter “ping” in the Command Prompt or Terminal, then enter the domain name you want to turn into an IP address, followed by a space. For instance, you might write “ping” and press Enter to convert “” to an IP address.

Finding the IP Address in Step 3 After executing the ping command, a list of results will appear. Find the line that begins with “Reply from” and an IP address. This is the website’s IP address that you are attempting to visit.

Step 4:

Enter the IP Address in the Address Bar When you have the IP address, you can directly enter it into your web browser’s address bar to access the website.

The Best Way to Spot a Masked Link A hyperlink that has been altered to resemble another URL is known as a masked link. Hovering your mouse over a hyperlink and looking at the URL that shows in the bottom left corner of your browser can help you spot masked links. It can be a masked link if the URL is different from the one that is shown on the page.

Discord Masking Link Instructions

You can use a URL shortener or a link masking service in Discord to hide a link. To get a new, shorter link that refers to the original URL, just paste the URL you wish to mask into the service. Sharing links in this way can prevent the true destination of the connections from being revealed. What Is the Problem with Masking? Masking can be an effective method for hiding URLs, but it can also be applied maliciously. Phishing schemes, virus downloads, and other hazardous content can be concealed using masking. Because of this, many browsers and email providers now display a warning when a user clicks on a hidden link. What is Subdomain Enumeration, exactly? Finding subdomains for a domain name is known as subdomain enumeration. As subdomains can occasionally be used to get around security controls or access sensitive data, this can be helpful for security testing. Enumerating subdomains can be done either manually or automatically with the aid of tools and procedures.

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