Rock Climbing: A Thrilling Sport for the Adventurous

The activity of rock climbing has become very popular in recent years. Utilizing specialized gear including ropes, harnesses, and climbing shoes, the sport entails ascending rocks, cliffs, or mountains. Rock climbing is not just for professional athletes; it can be difficult and takes both physical and mental power. We will look at who the target … Read more

The BCA Hall of Fame: Recognizing Legends of Billiards

Who is in the BCA Hall of Fame? Born in West Yorkshire, England, Kelly Fisher got her start in cue sports playing ladies professional snooker, much like fellow BCA Hall of Famers Allison Fisher (no relation) and Karen Corr. She captured five world titles between. Edit This Favorite. Edit This Favorite Category: Share: Yes No, … Read more

Is Climbing a Niche Sport?

Is climbing a niche sport? In the past few years, people of all ages have taken up indoor climbing, and new centres are springing up across the UK. Read more on In many respects, climbing is a distinctive sport. It combines stamina on the physical level, concentration on the task at hand, and a … Read more

Is 12 Too Old to Start Horse Riding?

Is 12 too old to start horse riding? Originally Answered: When is it too late to start horse riding? It’s never too late! Yes, you will be a beginner and yes, it might take you longer to advance than those who have been riding their whole lives. But if you want to learn to ride, … Read more

Why Does Conor McGregor Call Himself Notorious?

Why does Conor McGregor call himself notorious? The Notorious, as he is so fondly called has often used the monicker to compliment the approach he takes in the lead-up to his fights. While just like every mixed martial artist, McGregor has had his ups and downs, the former dual champion has time and again proved … Read more

How to Become a Karate Champion: A Comprehensive Guide

How do you become a karate champion? Read more on The martial art of karate was developed in Okinawa, Japan, and has since spread throughout the world. It’s a discipline that calls for a lot of commitment, effort, and passion. It’s not simple to become a karate champion, but with the appropriate attitude and … Read more

Paintball Rules: Everything You Need to Know

What are the rules of paintball? Here are some general paintball etiquette rules to abide by: Safety first. Keep your mask on. Don’t be a jerk. Remember paintball is a team sport. Mind your fire. Never shoot point blank. Don’t cheat. Clear the field when you’re hit. Read more on People of all ages … Read more

Skydiving: How to Get Started

How do I start skydiving? Let’s look at what the United States Parachute Association lists as its requirements for solo skydiving: Complete all requirements laid out by the USPA A License Proficiency Card. Complete a minimum of 25 jumps. Make five skydives with one or more other people (tandem skydives) Pass the USPA written and … Read more