Skydiving: How to Get Started

How do I start skydiving? Let’s look at what the United States Parachute Association lists as its requirements for solo skydiving: Complete all requirements laid out by the USPA A License Proficiency Card. Complete a minimum of 25 jumps. Make five skydives with one or more other people (tandem skydives) Pass the USPA written and … Read more

The Salchow: History and Origin

Why is it called a Salchow? It’s actually called a “”salchow,”” and it’s named in honor of turn-of-the-century Swedish skater Ulrich Salchow, one of the greatest skaters of his era and the man who invented the now-famous jump. Salchow took home the gold, making him the first-ever Olympic men’s figure skating champion. Read more on … Read more

Is Learning to Weld Expensive?

Is learning to weld expensive? Typically, welding school tuition fees start at roughly $5,000 for courses lasting from 3?7 months. In comparison, college welding programs may cost you an average of $15,000 for courses lasting up to 15 months. Read more on In the skilled craft of welding, two metal pieces are fused together, … Read more

Is Lying About Your Age a Crime?

Is lying about your age a crime? This is a form of the mistake of fact defense. For the minor, lying about his or her age in an online dating app or platform, like Tinder, is not a crime. It may violate the app or website’s terms of use. This can get the minor banned … Read more

Do You Really Need a Registered Agent?

Do you really need a registered agent? Every U.S. state requires businesses that register with a state as legal entities (LLCs, partnerships, corporations) to have a registered agent, sometimes called a statutory agent or agent of process. If your business is registered in more than one state, you will need a registered agent in each … Read more