Selling Beer in PA: A Guide for Beginners

How do I sell beer in PA? To sell malt and brewed alcohol for off-site consumption you need a distributor license. These are typically for beer distributors. Distributors can be open from Monday at 2 a.m. to midnight on Saturday continuously. Read more on You should be aware of a few things if you … Read more

Selling Homemade Drinks: Tips and Tricks

How do you sell homemade drinks? First, you will need a commercial license to prepare drinks that you sell to the public. The commercial license (some states have alternatives) subjects you to regulatory inspections. This is different from cottage food permits that would exempt your home business from such inspections. Read more on Selling … Read more

Marking Up Alcohol for Sale: A Complete Guide

How do you mark up alcohol for sale? Determine the pour cost. The alcohol cost will be the percentage of markup that a bar will give alcohol. For most bars, this is around 20 ? 25%. Some bars might set their pour cost based upon the type of drink. For example, wine at a 22% … Read more