The 4 Aspects of Accounting and Their Importance

What are the 4 aspects of accounting? There are four basic phases of accounting: recording, classifying, summarizing and interpreting financial data. Read more on Accounting is an essential component of any organization. It is the methodical process of gathering, quantifying, examining, and extrapolating financial data. Decisions about the company are then made using this … Read more

How to Make a Bar Stool Out of a Pallet

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Board Games: A Profitable Industry?

Do board games make a lot of money? How much profit can a board game company make? A successful board game business can make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If a game sells for $30 per copy, selling just 1,000 games would generate a revenue of $30,000. One board game raised over $12 … Read more

How to Fill Out a CRT 61 Form in Illinois

How do I fill out a CRT 61? Step 1: Identify the seller. Step 2: Identify the purchaser. Step 3: Describe the property. Step 4: Complete for blanket certificates. Step 5: Purchaser’s signature. Step 1: Identify the seller. Step 2: Identify the purchaser. Step 3: Describe the property. Read more on If you are … Read more

Do Executive Directors Have Voting Rights?

Do executive directors have voting rights? Typically, an executive director attends and participates in board meetings as an advisor. It is more prevalent that the executive director/president/CEO serves in a role that is ex-officio and without a vote. Every other year, BoardSource does a big survey of nonprofit boards. Read more on Executive directors … Read more

Selling Beer in PA: A Guide for Beginners

How do I sell beer in PA? To sell malt and brewed alcohol for off-site consumption you need a distributor license. These are typically for beer distributors. Distributors can be open from Monday at 2 a.m. to midnight on Saturday continuously. Read more on You should be aware of a few things if you … Read more

The Easiest Way to Break into a Vending Machine

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Is Wyoming Good for Small Business?

Is Wyoming good for small business? The independent tax policy research organization’s annual State Business Tax Climate Index is designed to show how well states structure their tax systems. Wyoming’s lack of a corporate or individual income tax earned it a first place nod in those categories, and the state’s low sales tax ranked No. … Read more