How Much Does a Beginner Transcriptionist Make?

How much does a beginner transcriptionist make? According to Payscale, the average hourly rate for a transcriptionist is $16.33. Beginners who do general online transcription may only earn about $10 an hour or less, but there’s potential to earn over $25 an hour as you gain experience and enter into higher-paid specialties. Read more on … Read more

All Clams Don’t Have Pearls: A Comprehensive Guide

Do all clams have pearls? While all mollusks, including oysters, mussels, and clams can technically make pearls, only some saltwater clams and freshwater mussels are used to commercially grow cultured gem-grade pearls. Read more on It’s a well-known myth that you can find a priceless pearl inside a clamshell. The majority of us are … Read more

Understanding Lot Insurance: What It Covers and Why You Need It

What is lot insurance? Dealers Open Lot (DOL) insurance provides auto physical damage coverage on a fleet of vehicles owned by a licensed auto dealer. These policies are custom built with dealers in mind and equipped to handle their specific risks. Read more on It’s crucial to obtain lot insurance if you run a … Read more

Top Revenue Generating Treatments in a Medical Spa

What are the top revenue generating treatments in a medical spa? The top 5 revenue-generating medspa procedures in the US in 2018 were: Botox. Dermal Fillers. Laser Hair Removal. Body Contouring (Body Sculpting) Dermabrasion Facials. Read more on Medical spas, commonly referred to as med spas, are establishments that provide medical services in a … Read more

Medicines: The Two Names they are Known By

What are the 2 names medicines are known by? Many medicines have at least 2 different names: the brand name ? created by the pharmaceutical company that made the medicine. the generic name ? the name of the active ingredient in the medicine. Read more on You’ll note that each drug has two names … Read more

Making Homemade Crab Pots: A Comprehensive Guide

How do you make homemade crab pots? Read more on All ages can participate in the exciting and gratifying sport of crab fishing. Crab pots are a necessary piece of equipment for gathering crabs, and while you can buy them from a store, constructing your own crab pots may be both enjoyable and economical. … Read more

Power Wash or Sand: Which is Better for Your Deck?

You can use a few various strategies when it comes to deck upkeep. The two most widely used techniques are power washing and sanding. Before selecting whether approach is best for you, it’s crucial to take into account your unique needs and the state of your deck because both strategies offer advantages and disadvantages. Power … Read more