Bouncers and ID: Do They Look at Height?

Do bouncers look at height on ID? I spoke with Zach (an incredibly nice bouncer on Third Avenue who frequently referred to me as “”sweetheart””), who gave me some tips. Zach said: – The holograms on a lot of poorly made IDs are simply photocopies of keys. – Bouncers keep an eye out for other … Read more

Surviving Member Certificate vs Legal Heir Certificate: Understanding the Difference

When a family member dies, it is vital to determine who legally owns the deceased’s possessions and assets. The two documents that are frequently required in such circumstances are the Surviving Member Certificate and the Legal Heir Certificate. Although they both have the same function, there are some significant distinctions between the certificates. The local … Read more

Understanding the Difference between a Certificate of Organization and Articles of Organization

What is the difference between a certificate of organization and articles of organization? While both these terms sound confusing, they are essentially very similar. The Certificate of Incorporation refers to the formation documents of a new Corporation. The Articles of Organization refers to the formation documents of a new Limited Liability Company. Read more on … Read more

Changing LLC from Member Managed to Manager Managed: Everything You Need to Know

Can I change LLC from member managed to manager managed? Whether it’s manager or member managed, the selection can be changed by amending the articles of organization. Changes to articles usually need a vote to change them, and state law can require unanimous decision. Read more on Limited liability companies, or LLCs, are a … Read more