Who Can Administer a Proctored Exam: Everything You Need to Know

Who can administer a proctored exam?
Who can be a proctor? Acceptable proctors include military/industry education or testing centers, school/college counselors, administrators, and teachers or local librarians. Relatives, direct supervisors, co-workers, or anyone the student has a personal relationship with, are NOT qualified proctors and will be denied.
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Numerous academic and professional programs require proctored exams as a necessary component. They are used to make sure that employees or students are taking exams in safe and regulated environments. Depending on the demands of the program, a range of different people or entities may administer proctored tests. In this piece, we’ll look into the qualifications of proctors and address any associated queries.

Who Has the Authority to Proctor Exams?

Depending on the demands of the program, a variety of people or organizations may administer proctored tests. Exams may need to be proctored by a licensed proctor for some programs, although teachers or other staff members may be permitted in others. Exams may occasionally be proctored by an outside organization.

Does College Board pay proctors in relation to this?

Yes, proctors are compensated by the College Board for overseeing tests. The salary amount varies according to the exam, the venue, and the proctoring responsibilities. For instance, the hourly wage for a SAT proctor can be between $10 and $20. How much do proctors get paid by the College Board?

Proctors are compensated differently based on the exam and location, as was already mentioned. A proctor for the SAT is compensated between $10 and $20 per hour, according to the College Board website. A proctor for an AP exam makes $142 per day. PSAT/NMSQT proctors are compensated at a cost of $120 per day.

How can I become a coordinator for the SAT?

You must first apply to the College Board and be given permission to administer the test before you can work as a SAT coordinator. Once you’ve been given the go-ahead, you’ll have to finish the SAT Coordinator Handbook and go to a training session. You can find all the details you require regarding giving the examination and getting pupils ready for it in the guidebook.

Examity is able to identify virtual computers.

Examity can recognize virtual computers, yes. Through the use of unapproved materials or websites, virtual machines can be utilized to help students cheat on tests. Examity employs cutting-edge technology to find cheating methods like screen sharing, multiple displays, and unauthorized devices as well as virtual computers. The proctor will instantly halt the exam and take the proper action if a student is discovered to be cheating.

Finally, proctored exams are necessary to guarantee both academic and professional integrity. Teachers, certified individuals, or independent proctoring services can all serve as proctors. Exam proctors are paid by the College Board, and the compensation amount varies depending on the exam and location. You must submit an application to the College Board, finish the SAT Coordinator Handbook, and go to a training session in order to become a SAT coordinator. Examity can also identify virtual machines and other types of cheating, ensuring that tests are given in a safe and regulated environment.

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