When Did Adidas Change Their Logo?

When did Adidas change their logo?
1971 1971: The Trefoil Logo. In 1971, the company began making clothing, so they changed their logo shape to the now iconic trefoil. This trefoil logo is made up of three football-shapes arranged in a way in that the bottom was curved. This 1970’s version is now a throwback used for the Adidas Originals line.
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A well-known manufacturer of sportswear and accessories is Adidas. One of the most known brands in the world, it has been around since the 1940s. Over the years, the brand has seen a number of changes, including its logo. Since its foundation, Adidas has undergone a number of logo redesigns, but the most famous one occurred in 1997.

In 1997, the Adidas logo as we know it today was unveiled. The brand’s current logo is a straightforward but distinctive design that has come to represent it. The brand name is written in lowercase on the emblem, and three stripes are drawn diagonally through it. The three stripes are designed to represent a mountain, which stands for the difficulties that athletes encounter and surmount.

The Adidas logo was altered in 1997 as part of the company’s efforts to update its look. To appeal to a younger demographic of customers, the new logo was created to be more modern. The brand’s dedication to innovation and technology was another goal of the new logo.

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