The Relationship between Employees and Office Space: How Many SQM is an Employee?

How many SQM is an employee?
The total size of an office space will depend on the total number of employees. But the average space per employee for a general office is around 12-14 sqm per person. Professional services businesses like accounting or law firms often need more private office space and generally require around 14-20 sqm per person.

In an office setting, the amount of space allotted to each employee has long been a source of debate. It is a key element in deciding the overall structure and aesthetics of a workplace and can have a big impact on the efficiency, health, and happiness of employees. So, how much square footage (SQM) does a worker occupy?

Depending on a few variables, the answer to this question changes substantially. First off, the type of work the person does can have a big impact on how much space is needed. For instance, a worker in the creative sector could need more room for their supplies than a worker in a call center. The quantity of space required also depends on the size of the business and the nature of the work being done.

In a contemporary office, an employee typically has between 9 and 10 SQM of space assigned to them. Nevertheless, this figure may vary greatly based on the tastes and requirements of the company. To encourage a feeling of openness and comfort, some businesses may decide to give each employee more room, while others may opt to make the most of the available space and give each employee less.

What makes it a “hot desk,” then?

A workplace that is shared by several people on various shifts or schedules is referred to as a “hot desk.” It’s thought that the term “hot desk” came from the custom of setting a cup of coffee on an empty desk to indicate that it was in use. As more businesses seek to utilize their existing space and cut costs, the idea of hot desking has grown in popularity in recent years.

In conclusion, the size of the firm, the sort of work being done, and the industry can all have a significant impact on how much space is allocated to each person in an office setting. The typical square footage is 9 to 10 SQM, but this number might vary depending on the tastes and requirements of a company. Hot desking has gained popularity as businesses explore for methods to cut expenses and make the most of their available space.

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