Renewing Your DBA Online in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

Can I renew my DBA online in Michigan?
If your business received a Certificate of Renewal of Assumed Name from the State of Michigan, you may be eligible to renew your assumed name online. These types of business entities can only renew their assumed names through mail, MICH-ELF, or in-person at the Corporation, Securities, and Commercial Licensing office.

Doing business as, or DBA, is mandated by law in many US states, including Michigan. It allows companies to operate under a name other than their official identity. For sole proprietorships and partnerships that decide to conduct business under a name different than that of their owner, a DBA is necessary. If your DBA in Michigan has to be renewed, you might be curious if you can complete the process online.

In Michigan, are I able to renew my DBA online?

Yes, it is the answer. Michigan’s official website allows you to renew your DBA online. Your original DBA registration’s business registration number and a credit or debit card for payment are required in order to renew online. After paying the $10 renewal price, you can print a copy of your renewed DBA certificate right away.

Do I Need a DBA in Michigan, then?

In Michigan, you require a DBA if you are a lone proprietor or partnership doing business under a name other than your given name. With a DBA, you can offer your company a unique name that differs from your legal identity. For branding, marketing, and legal reasons, this name is used. Through the state’s official website, you can submit an application for a DBA. The registration is valid for five years, and the fee is $10.

In Michigan, How Do I Update My LLC?

If you operate an LLC in Michigan, you must update your company details if anything changes. By submitting Articles of Amendment to the state, you can alter your LLC. The state’s official website offers a download for the Articles of Amendment form. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) must receive the completed, signed form. The amendment must be filed for a charge of $25. How Can I Reactivate My Michigan LLC?

You must submit an Application for Reinstatement to the state of Michigan in order to restart an LLC that has been dissolved or suspended. The state’s official website offers an online filing option for the application. There is a $50 application fee, and you must submit all the relevant paperwork and data to the state. How Do I Renew My Business License in Michigan? In Michigan, you must renew your business license each year. The state’s official website offers an online renewal method. Your license number and a credit or debit card are required for payment. Depending on the kind of license you have, there are different renewal fees. You will get an email with your renewed license attached after the renewal process is finished and the cost is paid.

In conclusion, renewing your DBA online in Michigan is a simple procedure that takes a few minutes to accomplish. To avoid fines or legal problems, it’s critical to maintain your company’s information current and to timely renew your license and registrations. You can ask for assistance from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) if you need it with any of the procedures.

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