Pop It: The History behind the Popular Fidget Toy

Who invented Pop It?
The Pop It was originally invented in 1975 by Theo and Ora Coster of Theora Design: a married Israeli couple who had invented many games including Guess Who? and Zingo!. Theo was a former classmate of Anne Frank.
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In recent years, fidget toys have gained popularity as a technique to relieve stress and anxiety. The Pop It, a silicone toy featuring repeatedly poppable bubbles, is one of the most well-liked fidget toys. Who, however, created the Pop It?

Two Dutch designers named Susan Wijnhoven and Brenda de Groot actually created the Pop It. To serve as a sensory tool for kids with autism and ADHD, they developed the toy in 2019. However, the device immediately became well-liked by people of all ages as a method of stress and anxiety relief.

Since its creation, the Pop It has gained enormous popularity, and there are now other versions and designs on the market. People are even sharing videos of themselves popping bubbles on social media as part of the fad.

While the fidget spinner was popular a few years ago, the Pop It is currently among the most well-liked fidget toys. The Tri-Spinner, which had three arms and could spin for several minutes, was the most well-known fidget spinner. Fidget spinners were formerly very popular, but they have since lost favor as the Pop It has taken their place. If you’re looking for a larger fidget toy, the Infinity Cube, a portable cube that can be folded and manipulated in a variety of ways, is the largest one that is currently available. It is well-liked by office professionals and students alike because it is made to aid in focus and concentration.

Now, if you’re considering making your own fidget toy and are considering a name for it, think of something memorable and catchy. Additionally, it must convey the toy’s intended use, whether it be for relaxation, concentration, or sensory stimulation. Similarly, if you’re launching a toy store and want to focus on fidget toys, take that into account while choosing a name. An appropriate and memorable name would be “Fidget Haven” or “The Fidget Emporium”.

In conclusion, Susan Wijnhoven and Brenda de Groot created the Pop It in 2019 as a sensory tool for kids with autism and ADHD. It rapidly became well-liked by people of all ages and has since spread globally. The Pop It has replaced the fidget spinner as the most popular fidget toy, which was the rage a few years ago. Remember to pick a name that accurately describes the product’s function while also being catchy and memorable if you’re thinking of designing a fidget toy or starting a toy store.

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