Kenyan Coffee: Arabica or Robusta?

Is Kenyan coffee Robusta or Arabica?
All Kenya coffee grown is Arabica coffee grown on the rich volcanic soil that is found in the highlands of the country.

Kenya is one of the top producers of coffee in Africa, and its product is highly prized on the international market. Regarding whether Kenyan coffee is Robusta or Arabica, there is substantial debate. The simple solution is that Kenyan coffee is Arabica. It is actually regarded as one of the finest Arabica coffees in the entire globe.

70% of all coffee produced worldwide is Arabica, which is renowned for its high quality and flavor. Contrarily, while cheaper and simpler to grow, Robusta coffee is typically regarded as being of inferior quality than Arabica. Kenya does grow a little amount of Robusta coffee, but the majority of the coffee planted there is Arabica.

What distinguishes coffee from Kenya?

Kenyan coffee differs from other Arabica coffees due to its distinctive flavor character. Kenyan coffee is renowned for its fruity and flowery flavors, robust body, and sparkling acidity. Kenyan coffee’s acidity is frequently referred to as “clean” and “crisp,” with a citrusy flavor evoking grapefruit or lemon. The intricacy of Kenyan coffee, with its layers of flavor that can include black currant, red currant, and even tomato, complements its robust body.

A number of variables contribute to the high quality of Kenyan coffee. Arabica coffee thrives in the high altitude of the coffee-growing regions, which can be between 1,400 and 2,000 meters above sea level. These areas’ fertile soil contributes to the production of high-quality coffee beans. Finally, to ensure that the coffee beans are of the greatest quality, Kenyan coffee is meticulously grown and processed by knowledgeable farmers and processors.

Finally, one of the best Arabica coffees in the world is Kenyan coffee, which is an Arabica. Because of its nutrient-rich soil, optimal growing circumstances, distinctive flavor profile, and careful cultivation and processing, it is of a very high caliber. If you enjoy coffee, Kenyan coffee is something you should try.