Is RingCentral Safe? Exploring the Security Features of the Cloud-Based Communication Platform

Is RingCentral safe?
RingCentral provides robust security measures to ensure a secure and reliable phone service to your business operation. As a cloud service provider, RingCentral offers several layers of built-in security.

Businesses can use a variety of tools and features from RingCentral, a cloud-based communication platform, to keep in touch with their clients and staff. Although the platform has many advantages, security is one of any company’s top priorities. The security features of RingCentral will be covered in this article, along with other related inquiries, such as whether RingCentral is free, less expensive than Zoom, owned by AT&T, or whether Avaya purchased RingCentral.

Let’s start by discussing whether RingCentral is cost-free. Despite having a free trial, RingCentral is not a cost-free platform. The cost of RingCentral varies according to the size of the company and the features needed. The prices range from $19.99 per user per month to $49.99 per user per month for the various plans. Nevertheless, the pricing is reasonable and sometimes less expensive than other communication platforms.

Let’s get to the primary issue at hand: Is RingCentral secure? RingCentral has strong security mechanisms that guarantee the communication platform is secure. The platform protects data in transit and at rest using cutting-edge encryption techniques. RingCentral also offers single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) options to guarantee that only authorized users can access the platform. Additionally, RingCentral complies with a number of security regulations, including as GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

Additionally, RingCentral has a security staff that keeps an eye on the system round-the-clock. The group is in charge of spotting and resolving any emerging security problems. In order to keep the platform up to speed with the most recent security measures, RingCentral also offers its customers frequent security updates and patches.

Regarding the subsequent query, “Is RingCentral less expensive than Zoom?,” the response is, “It depends on the pricing plan and the features required.” Zoom does not have as many features or functionality as RingCentral, a full-featured communication platform. Therefore, RingCentral might end up being more affordable in the long run for companies that need advanced communication options.

Let’s now address the query of whether AT&T is the owner of RingCentral. The answer is that AT&T does not own RingCentral. Nevertheless, RingCentral and AT&T have a strategic alliance that enables AT&T to resell RingCentral’s communication platform. Through this arrangement, companies can use RingCentral’s platform and have access to AT&T’s network infrastructure.

Let’s finish by discussing whether Avaya acquired RingCentral. Avaya and RingCentral announced a strategic alliance in October 2019 to make Avaya’s cloud-based communication products available through RingCentral’s platform. Avaya did not acquire RingCentral, though. Instead, the collaboration allows Avaya to continue to provide its on-premise solutions while utilizing RingCentral’s cloud-based communication platform.

In conclusion, RingCentral is a secure communication platform that gives organizations access to a number of features and functionalities. The platform is secure for communication thanks to its security features, adherence to industry standards, and devoted security team. Although RingCentral is not a free platform, its pricing options are reasonable, and organizations may find it to be more cost-effective in the long term than alternative communication tools, in particular.

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