How to Use BoardGameGeek: A Guide for Geeks

How do you use Geek market?
In order to buy items in the BoardGameGeek Marketplace just do the following: Create an account on BoardGameGeek, and verify your email address. Browse to the game you wish to purchase. Click on the ‘Buy!’ When you are done purchasing games click on ‘Checkout’ on the top menu bar.

There is a website called BoardGameGeek that is a go-to source for board game fans everywhere in the world. It is a thorough database with details on thousands of board games, including reviews, rankings, and discussion boards. This guide will assist you in getting started if you are new to the site or simply searching for advice on how to utilize it more efficiently.

It’s crucial to first comprehend who owns BoardGameGeek. Two devoted board gamers, Scott Alden and Derk Solko, founded the website in 2000 with the goal of creating a single focus for knowledge about the pastime. Asmodee Group, a renowned board game publisher and distributor, bought the website in 2018. Despite the change in ownership, BoardGameGeek continues to be a user-driven community website that is open to all visitors.

The option to search for games using specified criteria is one of BoardGameGeek’s most helpful features. For instance, you could look for games that are best for a particular age range or a given number of players. Additionally, you can look for games by genre, difficulty level, or subject. Each game also includes a website of its own with comprehensive information on gameplay, guidelines, and elements.

BoardGameGeek is a fantastic source for ideas and direction if you’re interested in making your own strategic board game. There are many debates about game design in the forums on the website, and there are even sub-forums only for discussing game development. Resources on game design theory and advice on how to prototype your game are also available.

Last but not least, if you’re wondering who makes the best board game, the answer is debatable and depends on personal preferences. However, among of the most well-known and renowned designers in the field include Uwe Rosenberg, Reiner Knizia, and Klaus Teuber (creators of Agricola, Lost Cities, and Settlers of Catan, respectively).

Whether you are a casual player or a dedicated hobbyist, BoardGameGeek is a great resource for anybody interested in board games. You can improve your gaming experience and interact with a dedicated gaming community by utilizing the search tool to identify games that match your interests, browsing the forums for ideas on game design, and making use of the amount of information on the site.

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