Event Planning in Nigeria: How Much Do Event Planners Charge in 2020?

How much do event planners charge in Nigeria 2020?
Average cost for a professional event planner ranges from ? 100,000 – ? 500,000. Professional event planners help you to co-ordinate every aspect of your event, from helping you to choose a venue to the last detail. An event planner can be hired for a full service planning or a one day coordination.
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Event planning has developed into a lucrative industry in Nigeria as more and more people hire qualified event planners. Event planners are in charge of making sure everything goes without a hitch at any event, including weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and business gatherings. However, there are many different variables that affect how much it costs to hire an event planner in Nigeria. The Cost of Event Planning in Nigeria: Various Factors

The price of preparing an event in Nigeria varies according to the nature of the event, the venue, the number of attendees, the level of detail, and the kind of service needed. A wedding planner could charge more for a celebration with more than 500 attendees than for a modest gathering with only 50 guests, for instance. The cost of a multi-day conference with multiple sessions may be higher for a corporate event planner than the cost of a straightforward product launch.

Depending on the event and amount of assistance needed, Nigerian event planners often charge between N100,000 and N1,000,000 or more. While some event planners charge a fixed cost, others bill by the hour or as a percentage of the total budget. To avoid any unpleasant surprises later, it’s crucial to go over the cost of services with your event planner up front. Learning About Event Planning In Nigeria There are many training programs and academic institutions in Nigeria that provide event planning courses if you’re interested in pursuing this career. Depending on the institution and length of the course, learning event planning in Nigeria might be expensive. While some programs can cost as little as N50,000, others can exceed N500,000.

How to Work as a Party Decorator in Nigeria You need to be creative and have an eye for design to work as a party decorator in Nigeria. Although no official education is needed to work as a party decorator, having a background in design or the arts might be advantageous. You might start by offering your services to relatives and friends while progressively expanding your clientele. In Nigeria, event decorations are subject to fees.

Similar to event planning, the price of event decoration in Nigeria varies according to the kind of the event, where it will take place, and how elaborate it will be. While some party decorators offer a flat rate, others bill by the hour or as a percentage of the overall budget. To avoid any misconceptions, it’s crucial to negotiate the price of services with your client up front. Is Nigerian Home Decor a Good Business?

In Nigeria, the market for home decor is expanding as more and more people seek out expert interior design services. It’s simpler than ever to launch a home decor business in Nigeria because to the growth of e-commerce platforms and social media. But in order to flourish, it needs to put in a lot of effort, be committed, and have a solid business plan.


Home decor, party planning, and event organizing are all profitable industries in Nigeria. While the cost of learning event planning and working as a party decorator is very low, the cost of event planning in Nigeria varies depending on a number of variables. It’s critical to conduct research and create a solid business strategy if you’re interested in launching a home d├ęcor company in order to be successful.

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