Recording Studios and Beat Making: Exploring the Relationship

The music industry is dependent on recording studios. They serve as locations for musicians to record their songs, beatmakers to make beats, and engineers to mix and master sounds. Do recording studios, however, produce beats? The short answer is no, recording studios don’t manufacture beats, but they do give beat creators the space and tools … Read more

Producing Music: Is it Really Hard?

Is it hard to produce music? Being a music producer is difficult for a number of reasons. The first one is that it takes a long time to get to a level where your music is actually worth releasing. There are intricacies involved in music production that not only take a while to understand in … Read more

Mastering: The Final Step in Music Production

How do you do mastering? Here’s a summary of the steps you’ll need to take when you master your mix: Optimize your listening space. Finish your mix (to sound mastered). Check the levels. Bounce down your stereo track. Take a break (of at least a day). Create a new project and import your references. Listen … Read more

Becoming a DJ: Is It Hard?

Is it hard to become a DJ? Is DJing hard to learn? DJing isn’t especially hard to learn and you can get going quickly. By fading between intros and outros of tracks then you don’t need to worry about learning complex techniques like beatmatching. However, that said, to become a professional DJ you do need … Read more

How Much Do Big Producers Charge for a Beat?

How much do big producers charge for a beat? Some people will charge around $1.99 for beats and others may charge $50. On a much bigger scale, beats can probably sell for anywhere from $300 to in the thousands. You will really do whatever you can to sell them for. As you get more well … Read more

Making a Hit Song: Is it Really Hard?

Is it hard to make a hit song? The numbers also suggest that no matter who you are, it’s very difficult to make a hit song: No super-producer or songwriter gives an artist more than a 6% chance of landing a No. 1, or more than a 15% chance of landing a Top 10 hit. … Read more

What Does a Music Studio Do?

What does a music studio do? Recording studios may be used to record singers, instrumental musicians (e.g., electric guitar, piano, saxophone, or ensembles such as orchestras), voice-over artists for advertisements or dialogue replacement in film, television, or animation, foley, or to record their accompanying musical soundtracks. Read more on Music is produced, mixed, and … Read more

Becoming a Popular DJ: Tips and Tricks

How can a DJ become more popular? Featuring famous artists is another way for a DJ to get famous. As a DJ, when you feature famous artists who already build up their brands, it implies that a lot of people are out there anticipating to listing and watch them. Gradually you will become noticed by … Read more