The Name That Stands for Miracle

What name stands for Miracle? The French baby girl names Mireille, Marvel and Marvella all mean “”miracle,”” while Mireya is a Spanish name that means “”miracle.”” Micaela and Mikelle are both English names that mean “”gift from God,”” while Mirabelle is a French name that means “”of incredible beauty.”” We also love the names Bea, … Read more

The Meaning of Healing Process: Understanding the Journey to Recovery

What is the meaning of healing process? In psychiatry and psychology, healing is the process by which neuroses and psychoses are resolved to the degree that the client is able to lead a normal or fulfilling existence without being overwhelmed by psychopathological phenomena. Read more on People can recover from physical, mental, or psychological … Read more

Can Diapers Cause Infertility? Exploring the Truth Behind the Rumors

Can diapers cause infertility? Is this true? It’s understandable for you to feel worried, but it’s highly unlikely that wearing disposable nappies will affect your baby boy’s fertility. The idea that disposable nappies could be linked to infertility in boys stemmed from a study published in 2000. Read more on Disposable diapers have been … Read more

Salt Floats and Eczema: Separating Myth from Reality

Are salt floats good for eczema? “”People with histories of psoriasis and eczema see some improvement in their conditions after a float,”” says David Leventhal, owner of Lift/Next Level Floats in Brooklyn. It makes sense – as Epsom salt is rich in magnesium. It’s also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, making it a heady healer of skin … Read more