Cricut Shirts: Do They Last?

Do Cricut shirts last? However, the Cricut brand is just as reliable as Siser, so you know you are always getting a product that will last. And the Cricut Everyday Iron-On is guaranteed to last 50+ washes. Read more on In the world of DIY and crafting, Cricut machines have grown in popularity. Making … Read more

Making Dolls: Is it Hard?

Is it hard to make a doll? Dollmaking is not hard, but it does require a lot of time, patience, and at least somewhat proficient sewing skills. (Hand and machine.) I don’t recommend it as a “”first sewing project”” — at least not without a lot of frustration. Read more on Dolls make fantastic … Read more

How to Load Long Arms for Quilting

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Can You Use Markers on Pumpkins? Answers to Your Pumpkin-Related Questions

Can you use markers on pumpkins? Since carving a pumpkin is guaranteed to create a sloppy mess, use markers to decorate this plump seasonal produce without affecting its innards. Marker-decorated pumpkins are suitable for decor indoors or out. Outside, they’re less likely to attract small insects or hungry wildlife. Read more on A popular … Read more

The Cost of Making a Scrapbook: A Comprehensive Guide

How much does it cost to make a scrapbook? So what does scrapbooking cost? In paper scrapbooking the average cost of a page is $5-$15, per album $150 and up). Having your digital scrapbook pages professionally printed costs $2-$10 per page. Read more on Scrapbooking is a creative and entertaining way to keep memories … Read more

How to Make Playing Cards

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