Joseph Pilates and His Health Condition

What did Joseph Pilates suffer from? He suffered from rheumatic fever, rickets, and asthma. He was so affected, in fact, that his parents were told he may die as a child. Defiantly, Joseph Pilates did not give up or wallow in his illness. Instead, Joseph Pilates dedicated himself to getting his body back in shape … Read more

Stembiso Gcaba: Who Is He?

Who is sthembiso gcaba? Durban – KwaZulu-Natal taxi owner Sthembiso Gcaba, 47, who faces 69 counts of fraud, was granted R5 000 bail in the Durban Magistrates Court, on Thursday. Gcaba was also charged for theft of R118 800 and for being in possession of stolen property, that being 69 South African Social Security Agency … Read more

Liu Han Chieh: Age and Achievements

How old is Liu Han Chieh? Liu Han ?? Born Guanghan, Sichuan, China Died (aged 49) Xianning, Hubei, China Cause of death Execution 3 more rows Read more on Liu Han Chieh, also known as Liu Han-Chieh, is a successful businessman from Taiwan and the creator of Chun Shui Tang, the country’s first bubble … Read more

The Best Real Detective in the World: A Look at the Top Investigators in History

Who is the best real detective in the world? Top ten real life detectives Jay J Armes. Alice Clement. Dave Toschi. William E Fairbairn. Francois Vidocq. Allan Pinkerton. Mary Doyle. Kate Warne. Kate Warne was the first and only female detective Allan Pinkerton ever hired, and she was deeply influential. Read more on People … Read more

Hiram Lodge: The Mobster or the Businessman?

Is Hiram lodge a mobster? He is portrayed by Mark Consuelos. Hiram is the ex-husband of Hermione Lodge, and Hermosa and Veronica’s father. He is a well-known businessman and the CEO/President of Lodge Industries, as well powerful drug dealer with ties to the mafia. Read more on A significant character in the well-liked TV … Read more

The Inventor of Femtosecond Laser: Dr. Gerard A. Mourou

Who invented the femtosecond laser? Dr. Kurtz Femtosecond laser technology was first developed by Dr. Kurtz at the University of Michigan in the early 1990s [1] and was rapidly adopted in the surgical field of ophthalmology. Read more on Since the creation of the laser in 1960, technology has advanced significantly. Every day, new … Read more

The Founder of Cleveland Ohio: General Moses Cleaveland

Who was the founder of Cleveland Ohio? CLEAVELAND, MOSES CLEAVELAND, MOSES (29 Jan. 1754-16 Nov. 1806), founder of the city of Cleveland, was born in Canterbury, Conn. In 1777, Cleaveland began service in the Revolutionary War in a Connecticut Continental Regiment, and graduated from Yale. Read more on America’s state of Ohio contains the … Read more

Rothgar Deng: The Notorious Bounty Hunter

Who is Rothgar Deng? Rothgar Deng, possibly operating under an alias, was a male Corellian bounty hunter. By the time of the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Deng was old and experienced, holding a reputation for being one of the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy. Read more on One of … Read more