What Are Car Wash Brushes Made Of?

What are car wash brushes made of? Car Wash Brush Materials. Brush materials include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and hog’s hair. It turns out that the soft, natural hog’s hair is the best choice for car wash brushes. It is gentle on your car’s paint and the bristles recover their natural shape when bent. Read more … Read more

Becoming an Auto Mechanic: A Comprehensive Guide

How do I become a auto mechanic? How to become an auto mechanic Graduate with a high school diploma. A high school diploma or equivalent is the basic educational requirement for auto mechanic work. Enroll in vocational education. Apply for an apprenticeship. Become ASE-certified. Receive on-the-job training. Become a master mechanic. Read more on www.indeed.com … Read more

Are Oil Changes a Loss Leader?

Are oil changes a loss leader? A loss leader is a product or service sold at a loss to attract customers. The cheap oil change is a loss leader for most companies. Read more on carcareiq.com Oil changes are a standard component of car maintenance, and car owners frequently go to a technician or dealership … Read more

Why is there oil in my carburetor?

The most likely reason is worn out rings allowing exhaust gas to pressurise the crankcase and blowing oil through the breather which is connected to the air filter on the carby side. One way to tell is to remove the coil lead from the distributor and crank up the engine. Read more on www.quora.com Your … Read more