Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Pet Pig

What should I name my pig? Best Pig Names Piglet. Waddles. Mitzi. Wilbur. Chubby. Penny. Miss Piggy. Piggly Wiggly. Read more on For those who have the space and finances to care for them, pigs make wonderful pets since they are smart, cute, and intelligent creatures. However, once you’ve made the choice to adopt … Read more

Freeze Branding: A Controversial Practice

Is freeze branding cruel? Freeze branding has been gaining in popularity as a less painful way to permanently mark and identify animals. There has been debate whether freeze branding truly is less painful than hot branding, but studies conducted to compare the pain of the two methods have concluded that freeze branding is indeed less … Read more

Breeding Dobermans: Is it Profitable?

Are breeding Dobermans profitable? Most good breeders can make some profit if they have a large litter and have no problems occur but it certainly isnt enough profit to live off of or support a family on. the only way to do it is to be a puppymill. Read more on Breeding Dobermans can … Read more

The Cost of Raising a Litter of Puppies

Both pet owners and breeders enjoy the pleasant experience of raising a litter of puppies. However, before opting to take on this responsibility, it is crucial to take the financial element of breeding into account. Depending on the breed, size, and quantity of the puppies, the cost of raising a litter can change. We’ll break … Read more