Understanding How Capital Account is Treated in LLCs

How is capital account treated? for a liability account you credit to increase it and debit to decrease it. for a capital account, you credit to increase it and debit to decrease it. Read more on www.freeagent.com Each member’s total capital contribution to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is listed in the capital account. It … Read more

The Origin of Putt-Putt Golf and Other Fun Facts

Where was Putt-Putt golf invented? The beginnings of miniature golf are obscure, but the first course is believed to have been laid out in 1916 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The game became a craze in 1930, when more than 25,000 courses may have been built, but interest rapidly dwindled. Read more on www.fundinguniverse.com Millions of … Read more

How Much Can You Make with 1000 Forex?

How much can you make with 1000 Forex? Well, this depends on how much you’re risking per trade. If you risk $1000, then you can make an average of $20,000 per year. If you risk $3000, then you can make an average of $60,000 per year. If you risk $5000, then you can make an … Read more

Are Drive Through Coffee Shops Profitable?

Are drive through coffee shops profitable? Owning a drive-thru coffee shop is a profitable business if you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to do it right from the start. If you follow the tips outlined here, you’ll be far ahead of your competition, and you’ll not only see more profit, but … Read more

Where to See Princesses: A Guide for Disney Fans

Where can I see princesses? You can meet the princesses throughout World Showcase at EPCOT, each one representing a part of a real-life culture. See Anna and Elsa at Norway, Mulan in China, Snow White in Germany, Jasmine in Morocco, and Aurora and Belle in France. Read more on www.undercovertourist.com If you enjoy Disney films, … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Form an LLC in Oklahoma?

How long does it take to form an LLC in Oklahoma? How long does it take to get an LLC in Oklahoma? Filing the Articles of Organization takes 2 business days online and 7 to 10 business days by mail. Read more on howtostartanllc.com In Oklahoma, forming an LLC or Limited Liability Company is a … Read more

How Much Money Can You Make in Swap Meets?

How much money do people make in swap meets? I used to work Saturdays and Sundays at a day swapmeet and come away with a profit of about $1100 as an average amount. $400 profit on a Saturday and $700 on a Sunday. Until now I believe that a swapmeet vendor can profit more than … Read more

Chatbots Names: An Overview

What are the names of Chatbots? Classic chatbots Dr. Sbaitso. ELIZA. PARRY. Racter (or Claude Chatterbot) Mark V Shaney. Read more on en.wikipedia.org What are the names of chatbots is a question that comes up frequently in relation to them. While chatbots are made to respond to users automatically, names are frequently given to them … Read more

The Role of a Sales Consultant: A Comprehensive Guide

Sales consultants are experts who assist companies enhance their sales revenue by working in a variety of industries. Their responsibility is to give clients professional guidance and support on how to market their goods or services successfully. A sales consultant’s job is to locate potential customers, comprehend their needs, and offer solutions that best satisfy … Read more