Do You Need a DBA in Arizona?

Do you need a DBA in Arizona? Arizona does not require the registration of a trade name or DBA in order to do some types of business under that name within the state. Registration lets the company use the trade name to open bank accounts, enter contracts, and otherwise use the trade name as an … Read more

Body Piercers and Taxes: What You Need to Know

In recent years, body piercing has grown in popularity as a type of body alteration. Due to its growing popularity, many individuals have begun to question whether body piercers are required to pay taxes. The short answer is “yes,” they do. Body piercing studios are obligated to pay taxes on their income, just like any … Read more

How to Become a Solar Dealer: A Comprehensive Guide

How do I become a solar dealer? Generally, a solar panel dealership business requires a commercial space for regular operation, and investment for stock inventory, staffing, and other expenses. The company will issue an ‘Authorized Dealer’ certificate after finishing up the agreement properly. Read more on For both homes and businesses, solar energy is … Read more