What Do They Call Coffee Shops in America?

What do they call coffee shops in America? We generally use this strange little word “”cafe””. Though we also use Coffee Shop or the name of the chain like Starbuck’s. In addition we use Cafe for smaller restaurants that serve a relatively limited menu or that have a layout of counters and booths rather than … Read more

The Symbolic Meaning of Piercings

What does piercing symbolize? In many societies, ear piercing is done as a ritual indicating puberty, of which each of the parents would pierce an ear, symbolising the child’s dependence upon them. The Ancient Egyptians are of the oldest bodies found with stretched ear lobes. Read more on tribu.co.uk Over time, body piercings have gained … Read more

The Power of Crystal Charging: Understanding the Benefits

What does charging crystals do? Charging gives a crystal additional energy, allowing your crystal to work with more vibrancy and for a longer duration before it needs to be cleansed again. Charging can also increase the intensity of any intention placed into the stone. Read more on magazinec.com Because of its therapeutic qualities, crystals have … Read more

Why Does Tinder Cost More Over 30? Explained.

Why does Tinder cost more over 30? When it launched, the company said it charged older users more because younger people were more “”budget constrained.”” Since then, the dating app has been hit with at least one class action lawsuit over the practice. Read more on www.engadget.com Millions of people use Tinder, the most well-known … Read more

Ledger and T Account: Understanding the Differences

Is ledger and T account the same? A T-account is an informal term for a set of financial records that uses double-entry bookkeeping. The term describes the appearance of the bookkeeping entries. A T-account is also called a ledger account. Read more on www.investopedia.com Ledger and T account are two concepts that are frequently used … Read more

What Happens Behind the DJ Booth: A Look into Live DJing

What do DJs do live? A DJ spins records. Or, nowadays, he/she plays music files and mixes them. A live set is when someone creates electronic music right now at the party. They use laptops or hardware synthesizers, drum machines and samplers to create the very music you are dancing to in that moment. Read … Read more