The Origins of Coffee: How it Got Its Name

How did coffee get its name? The word “”coffee”” has roots in several languages. In Yemen it earned the name qahwah, which was originally a romantic term for wine. It later became the Turkish kahveh, then Dutch koffie and finally coffee in English. The modern version of roasted coffee originated in Arabia. Read more on … Read more

How is an LLC owned by an S corp taxed?

When an LLC opts for an S corporation tax structure, it typically changes the way the IRS treats that LLC’s income. When income from LLCs passes through to owners, they pay tax on it as self-employment income. Read more on The tax process can be a little challenging when a S corporation owns an … Read more

Does NC Have a Luxury Tax? Sales Tax, Military Tax, and More

Does NC have a luxury tax? That’s because North Carolina considers tampons, pads, and menstrual cups luxury items and, therefore, sticks a state sales tax on it. We’re one of 29 states that taxes these “”non-essential”” products as they’re classified under the state tax code. Read more on The state of North Carolina is … Read more

The Importance of Lifeguard Jobs: Keeping Swimmers Safe

How do you describe a lifeguard job? A Lifeguard, or Lifesaver, is responsible for surveying a body of water and conducting rescues to help weak or injured swimmers get to safety. Their duties include speaking with swimmers to enforce swimming rules keeping track of each swimmer in the water and administering first aid to injured … Read more

Opening a Restaurant: A Guide to the Challenges and Rewards

How hard is it to open a restaurant? Conclusion: Opening a restaurant can be an extremely difficult and stressful process, even to the most organized and in-control individuals. However, once those doors open and the customers begin to come, it is a process that is well worth the effort. Read more on Opening a … Read more

The Origin and Significance of the Term “Ice Cream Parlour”

Why is it called an ice cream Parlour? The first ice cream parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776. American colonists were the first to use the term “”ice cream.”” The name came from the phrase “”iced cream,”” which was similar to “”iced tea.”” The name was later abbreviated to “”ice cream,”” … Read more

Weebly Hosting: Does it have cPanel?

Does Weebly have cPanel? The Weebly cPanel plugin allows you to offer Weebly to all your customers seamlessly using cPanel. Read more on With the help of the well-liked website builder Weebly, anyone can construct a website with a polished appearance without any coding experience. Users can create websites using a drag-and-drop interface on … Read more

Sewage Workers Salary and Other Related Questions

How much do sewage workers get paid? Read more on Workers in the sewage industry, commonly referred to as sewer workers, are essential to protecting our environment and communities. They are in charge of operating and fixing the septic and sewer systems that remove wastewater from residences and places of business. However, working with … Read more