Is a Car Dealership a Corporation? Explained

Is a car dealership a corporation? Both changes represent significant potential savings for businesses structured as C corporations. However, most dealerships today are not structured as C-corps. Rather, the majority are pass-through businesses, such as S corporations, or entities that are taxed as partnerships, such as limited liability companies. Read more on Automobile dealerships … Read more

The Average Profit Margin for Restaurants: What You Need to Know

What is average profit margin for restaurant? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, Restaurant Resource Group claims that, on average, restaurant profit margins are between 2% and 6%, with full-service restaurants at the lower end of the spectrum and limited-service (or quick service) restaurants at the higher end. Read more on … Read more

Rage vs Anger: Knowing the Difference

Is rage the same as anger? Anger is a feeling or emotion that a person has when being offended or when wronged. Rage can be considered to be an action in retaliation to the anger that a person has. Rage is an extreme expression of anger. In anger, there is no bloodshed but rage could … Read more

The Best Tank in WWII

What was the best tank in ww2? the T-34 Though later tanks produced during this time period proved to have better armor and armament, the T-34 is often recognized as the most effective, highly influential and efficient tank design of WWII. Read more on Tanks were at the forefront of ground combat throughout World … Read more

Screen Printing with Acrylic Paint: Is it Possible?

Can I screen print with acrylic paint? Using this acrylic medium, any acrylic paint can be used for screen printing on textiles when mixed in a 1:1 ratio. As a result, the pigment dries slowly and smooths out evenly and easily. Read more on A common technique for imprinting graphics on a variety of … Read more

Should You Keep Your Car Running at a Drive-In Movie?

Should I keep my car running at a drive-in movie? But you probably shouldn’t leave your car running. Doing so wastes gas and is inconsiderate to anyone sitting outside, Roadway Ready reports. Most modern drive-in theaters provide sound via FM radio. If you’re worried your car battery might die, bring a portable radio to tune … Read more