West Virginia Taxes: What You Need to Know

How much does West Virginia pay in taxes? West Virginia has a progressive state income tax with rates from 3% to 6.50%, depending on taxpayers’ income level and filing status. Within the five-bracket system, single filers, joint filers and heads of household earning up to $10,000 in taxable income pay 3% in state taxes. Read … Read more

Is Handyman One Word or Two Words?

Is handyman one word or two words? Read more on www.dictionary.com A person who is adept at maintaining, repairing, and renovating homes and other types of buildings is frequently referred to as a “handyman”. The question of whether to write “handyman” as one word or as two words confounds many people. The term “handyman” is … Read more

Is Red Bull Overpriced?

Is Red Bull overpriced? Lastly, Red Bull is expensive because of the ingredients. Red Bull is made with a specific formula, and it certainly isn’t quite as cheap to produce as other soft drinks may be. Red Bull has some additives that are supposed to help you feel energized and more aware, and these ingredients … Read more

Is a Dun and Bradstreet score of 76 good?

A commercial credit reporting firm called Dun and Bradstreet gives businesses credit scores and ratings. A score of 76 from Dun and Bradstreet is regarded as good, but not the greatest. Higher scores indicate lower risk; the values range from 1 to 100. A company with a score of 76 is considered to be reasonably … Read more

How to Get into Clown College: A Guide to Pursuing a Career in Clowning

How hard is it to get into clown college? It isn’t easy getting admitted to Clown College. Ringling selects its students from a pool consisting of thousands of applicants. “”They say percentage-wise it’s more difficult getting into Clown College than Harvard Law School,”” says Philip Karp-Briggs, a 1988 graduate. Read more on variety.com Are you … Read more

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Fictional Planets and Solar Systems

What are good fake planet names? Random Planet Names Achelous. Oceanu. Siren. Acheron. Achilles. Actaeon. Admetus. Adoni. Read more on www.imagineforest.com Any writer will find building a fictitious universe to be an exciting experience. There are numerous factors to take into account, from creating distinctive characters to creating an engaging plot. The naming of the … Read more

When Can I Switch to an S-Corp?

When can I switch to an S-Corp? When it comes to accounting, the easiest time to switch is January 1st. Forming your S Corp at the beginning of the tax year makes record keeping and tax preparation easier because you’ll need to track your S Corp finances separately from your sole proprietor finances. Read more … Read more