Can You Get Cars Custom Made?

Can you get cars custom made? Ordering a custom-built car puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to features and option packages. For high-volume vehicles, delivery should take only a few weeks. And with a bit of cajoling, dealers are likely to match the discounts available on their cars in stock. Read more … Read more

Can a Business Gift Alcohol?

Can a business gift alcohol? The gifts must carry a clear advertisement for the business (e.g. with branding or logo) which must be on the gift itself, not just the wrapping. They can’t be alcohol, food, drink, tobacco (unless they are your business) or vouchers. Read more on Many companies choose to give alcohol … Read more

Is 15% Tint Legal in FL? Understanding Florida Tint Laws

Is 15% tint legal in FL? Florida residents are allowed to have 15% on the rear of the vehicle and 28% on the front according to the Florida window tint laws. Your windshield strip should be at or above the ansi line to be legal. Read more on Window tinting is a well-liked aftermarket … Read more

Becoming a Piano Tuner: Pros and Cons

Is piano tuner a good career? Piano technology is a good profession for those who like to work independently. Because most work is done in private homes, it offers a flexible schedule and a large amount of local travel. Read more on The profession of piano tuning demands a special blend of technical proficiency … Read more

Machine Shop Layout: Understanding the Basics

What is machine shop layout? The workshop layout is the art of planning and positioning the machine tools, equipment, allied equipment, employee amenities, and other required utilities/spaces to achieve maximum utilization of labor, machinery, and space and increase the overall efficiency. Read more on Machine shops are places where various machinery are put to … Read more

The Biggest Greeting Card Companies: Overview, Top 3, and Manufacturing

What are the biggest greeting card companies? Hallmark Cards and American Greetings, both U.S.-based companies, are the two largest producers of greeting cards in the world today. Read more on A common way to express feelings of love, gratitude, sympathy, and congrats is through greeting cards. Although technology has given us access to digital … Read more

Horse Insurance: How Soon Can You Claim?

How soon can I claim on horse insurance? The start date of the claim is the date you first became aware of the condition, not the date the vet first visited the horse. This is important as most equine policies currently run for 12 months and the ‘clock starts ticking’ when you first noted the … Read more

Are Bouncy Castles Profitable? Everything You Need to Know

Are bouncy castles profitable? Hiring out bouncy castles and inflatables is a really great business to be in either full time or part time, and the rewards can be high. As well as the “”fun factor””, i.e. delighting children, and their parents, or adults, at an adult party, the monetary rewards and cash-flow can be … Read more

What Makes a Not for Profit Organization?

What makes a not for profit organization? What is a not-for-profit organization? Similar to a nonprofit, a not-for-profit organization (NFPO) is one that does not earn profit for its owners. All money earned through pursuing business activities or through donations goes right back into running the organization. Read more on An organization that serves … Read more