Who Owns The Biggest Ranch in the US?

Texas is home to the biggest ranch in the United States. Its name is the Waggoner Ranch, and it has a massive land area of 535,000 acres. Dan Waggoner established the ranch in 1849, and the Waggoner family has owned it ever since. The Los Angeles Rams and other sports franchises are owned by billionaire businessman Stan Kroenke, who purchased the ranch in 2016.

The Waggoner Ranch is one of the biggest ranches in the world and not just the biggest in the US. It is bigger than the state of Rhode Island and covers six counties in northern Texas. Numerous well-known cowboys have lived on the ranch during its lengthy history, including Will Rogers and Tom Mix.

Regarding the subject of how much a ranch cowboy makes, that depends on the ranch and the area. The average yearly salary for ranch workers in the US is roughly $26,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, seasoned cowboys might earn $50,000 or more annually.

Stan Kroenke, proprietor of the Waggoner Ranch, is currently the wealthiest rancher in America. His net worth is thought to be around $10 billion. Several additional ranches are part of his ranching empire, which spans both the US and Canada.

There are numerous more sizable ranches in Texas besides the Waggoner Ranch, such as the King Ranch, which has over 825,000 acres, and the 6666 Ranch, which has over 266,000 acres. These ranches have been passed down through families for decades and are all privately owned.

Are ranch homes desirable, to sum up? For many people, the answer is indeed yes. Because of its single-story design, sizable yards, and open floor plans, ranch-style homes are popular. They are common in both rural areas and suburbs and are frequently connected to a laid-back, outdoor lifestyle.

In conclusion, millionaire Stan Kroenke is the current owner of the Waggoner Ranch, the biggest ranch in the US. Ranch cowboys can earn a respectable income; expert cowboys can earn up to $50,000 annually. The King Ranch and the 6666 Ranch are two further sizable ranches in Texas. And it’s true that many individuals choose ranch-style homes because of its distinctive features and laid-back way of life.

Regarding this, are ranch houses desirable?

Regarding whether ranch homes are coveted or not, the article says nothing. Only the ownership of the largest ranch in the US is covered.