How to Publish Your Arizona LLC: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I publish my LLC?
Fill out the notice and send it to a newspaper in your LLC’s county where its business address is located. The newspaper will send an Affidavit of Publication in the mail after the notice has run. The Affidavit should then be sent to the AZCC, which will file it with your LLC record.

Publishing a notice of your LLC formation in a newspaper in your county of business is one of the processes necessary to incorporate an LLC in Arizona. This procedure is referred to as “publishing your LLC.” Here is a detailed explanation on how to accomplish it: Choose the appropriate newspaper: The newspaper you select must have general distribution in the county where your LLC is based.

1. For a list of accepted newspapers, check with the Arizona Corporation Commission. Create your notification, making sure to include the name of your LLC, the date it was established, and the contact information for your statutory agent.

2. Legal notices are sent to the person or company designated as your LLC’s statutory agent. 3. Post the notice: For three weeks straight, you must post the notification once a week in the authorized publication. The newspaper will give you an affidavit of publication following the third publishing. 4. Submit the affidavit: The Arizona Corporation Commission must receive the affidavit of publication within 60 days of the date your LLC was formed.

What is an Operating Agreement for an Arizona LLC?

An Arizona LLC operating agreement is a legal document that describes the members of your LLC and how it will be run. Arizona does not mandate one, although it is strongly advised that you have one. The operating agreement should detail the tasks and obligations of each member, how revenues and losses will be allocated among members, and how the LLC will be run.

How Can I Become an Arizona Statutory Agent? You must be an Arizona resident or a legally established business in the state to serve as a statutory agent there. A physical address in Arizona where legal notices can be sent is also required. You have two options for acting as your statutory agent: on your own, or through a registered agent service.

What distinguishes manager managed from member managed organizations?

You can select between a member-managed and a manager-managed LLC when founding one in Arizona. In an LLC that is member-managed, each member has a voice in how the company is run on a daily basis. One or more designated managers are in charge of the day-to-day management of a manager-managed LLC. Before selecting a choice, it’s crucial to think about the management structure that will best serve the purposes of your LLC.