Becoming a Fashion Stylist after 12th: A Complete Guide

How can I become a fashion stylist after 12th?
If they opt to pursue graduation in any fashion designing schools, it will take them at least 3-4 years to become a fashion designer. Courses in Fashion Designing After 12. th. Courses Duration Fees Certificate Course in Fashion Design 1 year INR 87,000 Certificate in Creative Fashion Styling 6 months — 33 more rows ?

The profitable field of fashion styling has seen tremendous growth in popularity in recent years. After completing their 12th grade, many pupils want to work in the fashion industry. There are many paths you can take if you also wish to work in this industry. In this post, we’ll go over how to become a fashion stylist after getting your 12th grade diploma and address some often asked issues about the fashion business.

How can you break into fashion?

You need to have a keen sense of style and knowledge of the most recent trends in order to become a fashion stylist. It’s critical to stay current with fashion trends and hone your own sense of style. You can get started by reading fashion periodicals, going to fashion shows, and following fashion bloggers. This will assist you in comprehending the fashion world and creating your own personal style.

Studying for a degree in fashion designing or fashion styling is another option to break into the fashion industry. In India, there are numerous institutions that provide courses in fashion styling and design. You will learn the technical abilities necessary to work as a fashion stylist in these courses, including how to put together an outfit and comprehend materials, colors, and textures. Is NIFT superior to Pearl?

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and Pearl Academy are two prestigious educational institutions in India that provide courses in fashion designing and styling. While Pearl Academy is a private institution, NIFT is a government-run institution. Both institutes have benefits and drawbacks, and the choice ultimately comes down to the preferences of the student.

The challenging curriculum and outstanding instructors at NIFT are well-known. It has a large alumni network and provides a variety of courses in fashion designing and styling. Pearl Academy, on the other hand, emphasizes practical learning and has a more adaptable curriculum. It offers its students exposure to other countries through to partnerships with numerous international colleges.

How long does NIFT typically take?

NIFT courses range in length based on the curriculum. The postgraduate programs last two years, whereas the undergraduate programs last four years. Additionally, NIFT provides certificate programs and short-term training in several facets of fashion creation and styling. Which NIFT in India is the best?

Each of NIFT’s campuses in India offers a selection of fashion designing and styling courses. The student’s preferences and the program they want to enroll in will determine which NIFT in India is suitable for them. NIFT Delhi, NIFT Mumbai, NIFT Bengaluru, and NIFT Chennai are a few of the best NIFT campuses in India.

In conclusion, developing a career as a fashion stylist beyond the 12th grade needs perseverance, hard work, and a good sense of style. A excellent approach to get started in this industry is to pursue a degree in fashion designing or styling. Excellent institutions in India that provide courses in fashion designing and styling are NIFT and Pearl Academy. It’s crucial to pick the school that best suits your requirements and professional objectives. You can have a prosperous career as a fashion stylist with the correct education and experience.