Bartending: A Lucrative and Exciting Career Choice

Is a bartender a good career?
Bartending done right can be a lucrative career, one where you can save money quickly and have opportunities to move into other facets of the industry. If you want to own your own bar or restaurant one day, the time to start saving is now.

Bartending is a career that has been around for a while and is still a favorite among many people. For people who appreciate working in a fast-paced workplace, interacting with clients, and concocting novel and interesting beverages, bartending might be a fantastic career choice. This article will discuss how to become a bartender in New York City, how much money bartenders can make, whether or not you can drink at work, and what a barback does. Is Working at a Bar a Good Career?

For a variety of reasons, bartending can be a fantastic career choice. To begin with, it is a very sociable job that enables you to mingle with people from all different backgrounds. Customers frequently trust bartenders with their personal information and view them as confidants. Additionally, if you work in the proper place, bartending may be a highly successful vocation. Bartenders with experience can earn a good income and perhaps move up to managerial roles. Are Bartenders Able to Earn Six Figures?

Although it is not typical, it is possible for certain bartenders to earn six figures. Bartending pay varies widely depending on the venue, the region, the employee’s background, and tips. The median hourly pay for bartenders in the United States was $11.19 in May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, bartenders in posh settings and big cities might earn significantly more than this. High-end companies employing seasoned bartenders can pay them $100,000 or more annually.

Can a Bartender Consume Alcohol While Working? No, bartenders are not allowed to drink while working. It is crucial for bartenders to stay sober and aware because it is against the law to offer alcohol to someone who is already drunk. Additionally, drinking while working might result in subpar work output and possibly job termination. How Can I Work as a Bartender in New York City? You must first complete a bartending education or training program in order to work as a bartender in NYC. These classes address subjects including mixing drinks, providing excellent customer service, and serving alcohol responsibly. After finishing a course, you can apply for a position as a bartender in a nearby business. A New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) certificate, which is necessary to serve alcoholic beverages in the state of New York, should also be obtained. What Does a Barback Do, Exactly?

In a bar or club, a barback is a position that is considered entry-level. Barbacks are in charge of helping bartenders with jobs including stocking up on supplies, washing glasses, and making garnishes. Barbacks are also in charge of organizing and maintaining the bar area’s cleanliness. In order to advance to a bartender position, this job may be a wonderful approach to obtain experience in the field.

In conclusion, for people who like working in a fast-paced, social setting, bartending might be a fantastic career choice. Bartenders rarely make six figures, but with experience, they can make a decent life and even move up to managerial roles. An official bartending certification as well as a New York State Liquor Authority certificate are required to operate in the profession, and it is crucial for bartenders to stay sober and attentive while on the job. Finally, working as a barback can be a fantastic way to gain experience and advance to a bartender position.