Are Construction Services Taxable in Massachusetts?

Determining which goods and services are taxable and which are not when it comes to taxes can be difficult. Residents and businesses in Massachusetts need to be aware of a number of taxes, including the sales tax, use tax, and meals tax. This article will address additional relevant questions in addition to providing an answer to the core query of whether Massachusetts taxes building services. Taxability of Construction Services in Massachusetts

Construction services are typically taxable in Massachusetts. Any services connected to the building, rebuilding, altering, renovating, or repairing of real estate fall under this category. Both residential and commercial development projects are subject to this tax. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. Construction services might not be subject to sales tax, for instance, if they are rendered on behalf of a tax-exempt organization.

Massachusetts Grocery Taxability

Groceries are exempt from Massachusetts’ 6.25% sales tax. Fresh vegetables, dairy products, meat, and other food goods are therefore exempt from taxation. The state’s meals tax, however, is applicable to prepared meals, such as those offered at restaurants or grocery stores. Massachusetts has a car sales tax.

A sales tax of 6.25% of the purchase price or the actual value, whichever is larger, is required in Massachusetts when buying a car. Both new and old cars bought from a dealer or an individual are subject to this tax. When registering the vehicle, there can also be other charges and taxes to be made, such as an excise tax and registration costs.

Massachusetts PPE Taxability Personal protection equipment (PPE), such as face shields, gloves, and masks, is typically free from Massachusetts’ sales tax. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this exemption was put in place to make PPE more inexpensive and available to citizens and businesses. Taxability of Jewelry in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, jewelry is subject to a 6.25% sales tax. Any jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones falls under this category. However, the jewelry might not be subject to sales tax if it is sold for less than $1,000.


In conclusion, groceries are not taxed in Massachusetts although building services are. Customers must pay a sales tax of 6.25% when buying an automobile. PPE is typically exempt from sales tax, whereas jewelry is charged the state’s 6.25% sales tax. To maintain compliance and evade any penalties or fines, it’s crucial to stay current on Massachusetts tax laws and regulations.

One may also ask what items are subject to sales tax in massachusetts?

Sales tax is charged on a variety of goods and services in Massachusetts, including meals, telecommunications services, and some utilities. However, it is crucial to remember that tax regulations can be complicated, therefore it is advised to seek particular advice from a tax expert.