The Opposite of Maid: Exploring the Antonym of a Domestic Worker

What is the opposite maid?
Answer: The opposite of maid is termed as a bachelor but if it is used in the term of maid-servant then it will be man-servant. Opposite of the masculine or feminine depends on the use of the gender sociological sense.

Cleaning, cooking, and laundry are just a few of the domestic duties that a maid is engaged to handle. But what is a maid’s opposite? A master, a phrase used to refer to the owner or head of a family, is the opposite of a maid. Typically, a master is in charge of supervising the work of the domestic employees and giving them instructions and direction.

In this context, a master or employer would be a female servant’s opposite connotation. A person who is hired to handle domestic chores in a home is known as a female servant. They are frequently in charge of cooking, cleaning, and other chores around the house. A master, on the other hand, is the one who employs, manages, and is in charge of the woman servant, and is in charge of giving them a secure and comfortable working environment.

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